Stefan Haag aka Chinaski aka S-F-X is a sound and visual artist, producer, and DJ based in Frankfurt am Main. Born in Northern Germany and coming from a background in digital arts, his endeavours in electronic music are not new: Stefan has been producing for years to develop his signature sound built upon hooky synth-lines. His work has consequently brought him to Robert Johnson, in whose vicinity he stayed to become a resident in 2014. Led by a keen instinct for the visual counterpart of sound in video and live performance, Stefan has also edited numerous video clips for befriended artists and releases on Die Orakel or Live At Robert Johnson – the label he is closely affiliated with as a musician. He has also released with Omnidisc, Bordello A Parigi, and Kitjen, among others. As Chinaski Stefan addresses the dance floor as a joyful space, where the roots and the contemporary of electronic dance music walk hand in hand. With his side project S-F-X the two sides of his practice – the love for soundscapes and the cinematographic – merge into an audio-visual continuum where the hypnotic and the melodic take over in a downtempo ride.

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