Electronic music project born in 2010 in Rubi (Barcelona).
Created by Rafael M. Espinosa as only member and creator also of the electronic techno-industrial project Geistform.
Univac bases his proposal on analogic sounds, rhythms, and sequences. Located in electro scene, follows the direction of called “Hague sound” and “robot electro”… In 2011 appears his first EP “Radiation” on a mythical label Bunker records (Holland) and a second EP on 2012 for New flesh records (France).
In 2016 Univac sign for 30drop Records to release an EP where a Der Zyklus remix is included. In this EP Univac show his recognizable sound between Drexciya and the pure analog synth waves creating a direct and amazing electro sound.

Univac has been defined in different media as:
– “Harsh, uncompromising,menacing,shadowy,brutal….” – Interstellar Sounds.
– “While maintaining dark shades of Bunker releases, Univac just keeps going with energetic treatment for hippos and thighs…” – Terminal 313.
– “Raw,dark,Univac is what i call true-school electro. Continued evolution of Drexciyan sound…” – City of Bass.

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