Melodize is a brand new label that kicks off with a mighty EP from Beartrax that includes a remix from US house legend John Tejada. Beartrax has already rebased on Motek Music, Lost Diaries and Deeper Love and makes a real impression here.

The LA tech house legend and Kompakt regular that is John Tejada opens the EP with the moody and synth laden Clarity remix. It is a roller that takes you deep and has lush chords stretching to the heavens. Clarity in original form is a tender, piano laden tune with a vulnerable vibe and deep, resonating bass. Last up is Haunted Chalice, a track with a rasping lead synth that mesmerises as the warm drums roll on below.

This is a classy EP to kick off this exciting new label.

  1. Meridian Preview 1:30
  2. Meridian (Carl Finlow Remix) Preview 1:31
  3. YCLK Preview 1:27
  4. YCLK (Plant43 Remix) Preview 1:27


MELOD001 – Beartrax – Clarity

Release Date : November 14, 2019
Artists : Beartrax, John Tejada
Catalog ref. : MELOD001
Format : Vinyl