Undo shares guest mix for Counterterraism ahead of his upcoming release. He drops two upcoming tracks from the release in the mix. Undo & Casiowaves – Waves To Come EP is forthcoming on Melodize on September 22nd. Check out the mix below:

Track list:

Undo & Casiowaves – Waves to Come
Kalexis & Paulor – Magnetic
Kadosh – I promised, Mom
Toni y Not – Your Exile In My Mind (Jorkes remix)
Simple Symmetry – Problem (Red Axes remix)
Mala Ika – Du Bist Ernst (Phunkadelica remix)
Telesketch – Plaster (Parisior remix)
Undo & Casiowaves – Overcruiser
Das Koolies – Katal (Gabe Gurnsey remix)
Wiener Planquadrat – Ein Weites Feld
Did Virgo – Red Lights (Motel77 remix)
AFFKT – Corcho (Kimshies remix)
The Long Champs – Nostalgia for the Future
Tiga – Easy (Der Zyklus – Quantum Matrix)
Sexy Lazer – Mid Life Crisis