From Bristol to NYC – Zobol makes his debut on Melodize with two vibrantly coloured electro jams complemented and enhanced by two powerful remixes from Carl Finlow and Plant43.

‘Meridian’ draws the line straight down the dancefloor between electro and techno. Light in foot but heavy in trunk, there’s an alluring spring in the breaks and subtle sense of hope and euphoria as Zobol eases us into a positive mindset. Sheffield stalwart Carl Finlow flips the coin for a more sober perspective. A much more classically informed slice of electro, swollen with poignancy, it’s the dark side of ‘Meridian’ bright moon.

‘YCKL’ turns up the contrast once again. Warm, bright splashes ooze in chord-form over a lava-like bassline that gently pushes up the drama and theatre as the track progresses. Once again, there’s a sense of triumph running throughout as Zobol edges us higher and higher. Remix-wise, Bleep43 founder Plant43 keeps that brightness but adds his own sense of spring and wily funk, bringing an unpredictable attack and utilising the euphoric keys of the original much earlier on in the arrangement.

Two beautiful originals, two precision remixes; one important reminder that electro can be one of the funkiest, most uplifting styles in the electronic cannon when crafted in the right hands. Melodize have created some exceptional alchemy right here.

Zobol – Meridian EP out on Melodize on 16th, September 2022.

A1: Meridian
A2: Meridian (Carl Finlow Remix)
B2: YCLK (Plant43 Remix)